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14 students positive for coronavirus in Thessaloniki


14 students attending primary and secondary schools in the municipality of Neapolis Sykeon have tested positive for the coronavirus. These 14 students are both club athletes and sportsmen who train in a municipal gymnasium in Thessaloniki. According to well-informed sources, Mayor Simos Daniilidis called for stricter compliance with the measures.

More precisely, they concern schools of the 2nd high school of Neapolis, the 1st GEL Sykeon, the 1st high school of Sykea and the 10th Dim. school of  Naples, whose sections were closed immediately in the school complexes in order to disinfect the school complexes and the gymnasium of Naples as well.
The emergence of these cases immediately sounded the alarm, with Mayor Simos Daniilidis giving orders for immediate and large-scale mobilization, and Deputy Mayor of Civil Protection Tassos Tsakiridis was called upon to coordinate the necessary actions by closely monitoring its developments.

During a long meeting held at the civil protection office with the participation of the deputy mayor of finance Dimitris Ziggeridis, it was decided to immediately re-disinfect the building complexes, the gymnasium but also the town hall building of Sykies.


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