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Municipality of Athens: cleaning-disinfection Sunday at Agios Panteleimon


The Municipality of Athens continues the Sunday cleaning activities that have become a routine in the city since the beginning of the year.In the 6th Municipal Community and especially in Agios Panteleimon, the people of the Cleaning and Recycling Department are concentrated since the  early  in the morning  of Sunday with the coordination of the responsible deputy mayor Nikos Avramidis.The roads which, during the week, the intense traffic do not allow interventions as today, the sidewalks and other places were “scanned” by special cleaning teams, equipped with all the necessary personal protective equipment and to using modern technical equipment. They wiped, cleaned, washed and sanitized the entire area. Five (5) sweepers, five (5) small washers, six (6) large washers and two (2) 10 ton tankers participated in the operation.

Sunday cleaning activities are spread throughout the city, from the center to its borders, and together with the daily program of collection, washing of bins, cleaning and disinfection of central and generally crowded places everywhere, they are the multifaceted and well-organized plan that is constantly evolving for a cleaner and more friendly city..”Cleaning Sundays are now a routine for Athens. It is the mirror of the way we now clean the city. Sweeping and overall, everywhere. It is the strategy that has succeeded and has already given the first results. Neighborhoods are being cleaned up, Athens is changing, ”Athens Mayor Costas Bakogiannis said in a statement. The points that were “scanned” into Agios Panteleimon were as follows:


1. Alkiviadou by Pergamon to Agorakritou
2. Remoundou from Pipinou to Pergamon
3. St. Peter
4. Saint Panteleimonas (Square)
5. Health
6. Pedestrian Health
7. Aigeos from Sozopolis to Pipinou
8. Sozopolis from Aharnon to Ionia
9. Ionia by Sozopoleos to Agios Meletios
10. Ithaca from Acharnes to Aristotelous
11. Pedestrian Street of Happiness
12. Pedestrian Street of Mavrogenous
13. Florinis
14. Amori
15. Myron
16. Filippidou from Aristotelous to Acharnon
17. Fokeas from Acharnon to Aristotelous
18. Magarnias


1. Agios Panteleimonas (Square)
2. Admitou from Pergamon to Sozopoleos
3. Pipinou from Aristotle to Admitou
4. Pergamon from Admitou to Acharnon
5. Admitou from Agorakritos to Pergamon
6. Fili from Pippinou to Filippidou


1. Michael Voda by Julian to Agorakritou
2. Prep from Liosion to Aharnon
3. Derigny from Aharnon to Aristotle
4. Kodrigtonos by Aristotle to Aharnon
5. Aharnon from Pipinou to St. Meletiou
6. Julian from Patission to Liosion
7. Philadelphia from Liosion to Domokou
8. Agorakritou from Acharnon to Admitou
9. Aristotle
10. Agios Panteleimon


1. Agios Panteleimonas (Square)
2. Admitou from Pergamon to Sozopoleos


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