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Terror for two families in Anavyssos: they were held hostage and were stolen money


The owners of two houses, one next to the other, were found face to face in the early hours of the morning in Anavyssos  with three thieves. Initially, the perpetrators, who had covered their facial features and  wearing gloves, broke into the house and after beating a 54-year-old man and his family , began to search the entire house.

According to locals, the perpetrators were holding knives and threatening to kill them.While holding their victims hostage, one of the perpetrators entered the next house, where he also immobilized a woman who was alone in the house and after they tied her up and searched the whole house, they stole money and jewelry and then all the authors disappeared.

Police from security cameras are trying to locate the perpetrators or the car in which they went and escaped from the scene of the robbery.


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