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Declaration of Lesvos in a State of Emergency for 4 months


By order of the Deputy Minister of Civil Protection and Crisis Management, Nikos Hardalias and decision of the Secretary General of Civil Protection, Vassilios Papageorgiou, the Regional Unit of Lesvos is declared in a State of Civil Protection Emergency, for reasons of public health. This declaration is valid from today 09-09-2020 and for four (4) months.

The Ministers of Interior T. Theodorikakos, Immigration and Asylum N. Mitarakis and the president of EODY Pan. Arkoumaneas are going to Lesvos, in order to be informed about the situation in Moria, as stated by the government spokesman St. Petsas, after the completion of the government meeting at the Maximos Palace.

In the meantime, the Police sent reinforcements from Athens to Lesvos, in order to deal with the problem that has been created since the night after the fires that broke out in Moria and have destroyed a very large part of the KYT. In particular, three MAT squads departed from Elefsina at 7 in the morning on a C-130 military aircraft and are expected to arrive on the island at 09:00.

As it became known from the headquarters of EL.AS. There are already strong forces on the island, however all the foreigners who were in the KYT after the fires are concentrated outside the structure, where they are kept and looking for solutions for their housing.

Daylight shows the magnitude of the destruction of the camp – “city” of 13,000 refugees and migrants in Moria. The whole of the part outside the KYT has been completely destroyed, while a large part of it inside the KYT camp that continues to burn has also been destroyed. Information states that the administration and identification infrastructures were not burned, but the Asylum Service and its equipment were completely burned. There was also damage to the Intensive Care Unit  and to the air conditioning of the health unit, which was built with a donation from the Dutch Government.

A large part of the population of Moria has escaped to the surrounding estates, while another part has moved to the city of Mytilene where at the height of Kara Tepe, just before the PPC factory and a strong police force has been lined up to not allow the people to enter the city.

The fire broke out around 12 midnight, when refugees and migrants who had tested positive for the coronavirus or had been detected as contact cases refused to be isolated. Clashes ensued with other refugees and migrants pushing them out of the camp. At some point, this conflict became racial in nature, resulting in fires, which soon, due to the strong wind, escalated.

It is noted that, as reported, the Fire Brigade forces, arriving at the camp to attempt, were attacked by groups of asylum seekers who hindered them in their work. At the moment, the Fire Brigade is operating in the camp with the reinforcement of air means, in order to completely extinguish the fire and then to control the area.


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