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Schools open: Confusion with the first bell of the year


A circular from the Ministry of Education has confused schools, indicating that the first bell of the year will ring at 8:15 a.m. on Monday, September 14. Indeed, several schools – especially in Attica – have announced different arrival times for students (per class) to avoid comorbidity.Speaking to CNN Greece, General Secretary of the Education Ministry for Primary, Secondary and Special Education Anastasia Gika explained that Minister Niki Kerameos had announced early that schools would open on time.

“What we had asked for is a consultation between the schools and the priests”, she underlined, referring to the hour of sanctification and not to the hour of arrival. He pointed out, in fact, that children have a lot of things to do on Monday mornings, like learning and getting their books.

“8:15 am, in time for us to start getting into a pattern,” she says.

The “program” of the first day

Schools open this year under coronavirus conditions. In this context, the established Holy Communion will take place for all students in the classrooms, by class, and not in the schoolyard in the presence of parents, as  it is done  for every year. in particular, a consecration will be carried out in playground by the priest with representatives of teachers and students, while the priest will enter the classrooms to sanctify all the students.

It should be noted that students must present themselves with protective masks, as well as every subsequent day and at least until October 31, as announced by the Ministry of Education. This year, parents are invited to leave their children at the entrance to schools and pick them up at a set time, for which they have been informed by announcements from school directors. Students are encouraged to bring their school bags, as well as the collection of books.It is recalled that wearing a mask is also compulsory for teachers, some of whom in the previous days have reported harassment and threats from parents, who resist the measure of compulsory use of the mask.

In addition, the program of the first day of operation will include:

– Explanation and discussion for a faithful application of the rules of cleanliness and hygiene and other measures of protection and prevention based on the relevant instructions of EODY.

– Explanation and deepening of the content of the printed information material that was sent to schools.

– Distribution of masks per student.

– Emphasis on the appropriate use of the mask.

– Update on the weekly schedule of the week.

Distribution of books for the start of the school year (excluding kindergartens).

In particular for primary schools, the distribution of individual water cans (water bottles) per student and the distribution of books for the start of the school year at the counter are also planned.

De plus, le programme du premier jour de fonctionnement comprendra:

– Explication et discussion pour une application fidèle des règles de propreté et d’hygiène et autres mesures de protection et de prévention basées sur les instructions pertinentes d’EODY.

– Explication et approfondissement du contenu du matériel d’information imprimé qui a été envoyé aux écoles.

– Distribution de masques par étudiant.

– Accent sur l’utilisation appropriée du masque.

– Mise à jour sur l’horaire hebdomadaire de la semaine.

Distribution de livres pour la rentrée scolaire (hors jardins d’enfants).

En particulier pour les écoles primaires, la distribution de bidons d’eau individuels (bouteilles d’eau) par élève et la distribution de livres pour la rentrée scolaire au comptoir sont également prévues.

KEDE: Masks are already in schools
The masks that will be distributed to teachers and students on Monday when schools open have already been sent to many parts of the country. According to an announcement from the Central Union of Greek Municipalities (KEDE), the necessary quantities have already been sent to the small islands and northern Greece, today Friday are being sent to Epirus, Thessaly, Central Greece, Crete,other islands and the Peloponnese and tomorrow Saturday the supply  will be for Attica “.

KEDE calls on municipalities “in cooperation with the school community to make every effort to obtain at least one mask for every child and teacher in schools”.In addition, KEDE, referring to a relevant tender it held, points out that the process started on August 24 with the publication of the relevant ministerial decision.And she “ran the competition in record time, which ended on 03/09 with the appointment of temporary contractors, submitted a dossier for approval to the Court of Auditors on 04/09 and on 08/09 received approval for the signing of contracts. “From the tender, 20 contractors emerged for the supply of 5,000,000 masks, which are almost entirely made in Greece, as noted by KEDE.

Spots for informing students
“Let’s go to school safely, the lesson begins….” A new spot, in which children “translate” protective and preventive measures at school into songs, further strengthens the information campaign of the Ministry of Education and Religions, which aims to get things done to all educational structures and respect for all appropriate, by the National Commission for the Protection of Public Health – protective measures against COVID-19.

On site, the children “ sing ” the protective measures against the coronavirus and explain how the mask, the thorough cleaning of the hands and other protective measures will help, so that this school year we continue to #LearnSafe#.

It is recalled that the site includes instructions for teachers, students and pupils, answers to frequently asked questions, relevant links, ministerial decisions, EODY instructions but also other actions and actions of the Ministry of education and religions to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

We return to the desks, following the measures, listening to our teachers and professors. “We make the protection of our health a song”, the Ministry of Education emphasizes.




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