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A list of measures for Attica is coming by order of Mitsotakis


A list of measures to limit the spread of the coronavirus in Attica is being prepared by the Committee of Infectious Diseases , following an order from the Prime Minister . This was announced during the political editors briefing by Stelios Petsas, referring to the increase in cases in our country and answering a relevant question, during the political editors briefing.

“The combination of the epidemic of cases at the international level and the fact that we are opening schools and that we will have more mobility and that we will have an increased epidemiological load in certain regions, for example in Attica and Pella, makes us vigilant and the Prime Minister asked the expert committee to draw up a list of measures at local or general level if necessary, ”said Stelios Petsas.

Kikilias: ready for local lockdown in Attica
It is recalled that the Minister of Health Vassilis Kikilias earlier today left the possibility of a local lockdown in the municipalities of Attica.As the Minister underlined when speaking to the OPEN television channel, the instructions of the Committee of Experts must be fully followed in order to protect children.Asked whether a committee of infectious disease specialists is oriented, if necessary, to request local measures at the level of the municipalities of Attica, V. Kikilias stressed that half of the cases are now daily in the expanded area of the  capital.The Minister stressed that it is obvious that irrational horizontal measures cannot be taken for the whole of the Attica region and that EODY analyzes the data and that the civil protection comes and implements more local measures depending on the point of occurrence of an outbreak. Speaking about the criteria for tests and rapid tests, the Minister of Health mentioned that there is an algorithm with which we do the tests and explained:

The first priority is that those with such symptoms and conditions be examined. Then there are the special and vulnerable groups, of course health and those on the front lines. Of course, science is on the move. We are the first European country, one of the first in the world, which has been using for a few days now, starting from Moria, special antigen test, rapid test of very high definition and sensitivity. “And that could be a new weapon in the diagnosis of the virus.”

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