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Opening of schools: SYRIZA targets the government


For the first time in decades, the opening of schools has become a major political issue.You could say it’s expected, because the opening schools of this year has unprecedented characteristics. The new epidemic of the coronavirus pandemic has led to the postponement of the opening of schools, as well as the imposition of protective measures, such as the obligation to wear a mask. Equally important is the general feeling that accompanies the opening of schools this year. Because for the first time, joy and hope come with anguish,Concern for children, teachers and relatives of members of the educational community, especially the elderly.

Tsipras Message
Alexis Tsipras in his post said:

“The school year that begins today is unlike any other. However, the schools are opening and they are all exactly as they were when they closed. No special preparation to face the new reality.” However, addressing the students, he stressed: “Against a system  which is indifferent to consequences and all he wants is to blame the new generation, to do them a disservice. Refute them. Out of respect for the health and life of each of us, let’s do everything possible to keep the virus away from our schools and homes. And know that it will be a great victory for your generation. “

Political conflict
Since the opening of tourism, the political consensus that accompanied the lockdown has turned into open controversy, which has become evident in the relevant debate in parliament at the political leadership level. SYRIZA blames in any case the government for the weak opening of tourism, the insufficient support of the NHS and the selective acceptance of the guidelines of the Committee of experts. Especially for schools, the official opposition emphasizes the large number of students per class. In addition, after the problem created on social networks, SYRIZA spoke very loudly about things.

Schools are fortified
For his part, the “director” of SYRIZA, Nikos Filis, said, speaking to ANT1, that the schools are open without fortifications:

“The schools are opening today and this is very important. It is a profit for the children, a profit for the society. Unfortunately, they don’t open. […] There are other important measures and these have not been taken by the state to open safe schools under the threat of the coronavirus: half of the substitute teachers have been hired since last year. About 40,000, with the money SYRIZA got in September 2019, 20,500 this year. Does this make sense? The coronavirus needs more and more, not less. “To ‘break’ sections, where there are already rooms (and there are), for distance education and for other reasons.

Finally, Nassos Iliopoulos launched an attack on the government for the masks distributed to students. In a Facebook post, the SYRIZA spokesperson said:

“The hooded masks that Mr. Mitsotakis’ government handed out to young students to open schools, as shown by the hundreds of photos that have flooded the internet, would be laughable if they weren’t for crying and extremely dangerous.”


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