Bad weather “Ianos”: part of Mouzaki health center collapsed due to flooding and people lost their lives.


Significant damage was caused in the prefecture of Karditsa and in particular in Mouzaki by the passage of very bad weather “Ianos”. The Mouzaki health center, part of which has retreated from the tumultuous waters of the Pamisos River, has not escaped the catastrophic fury of nature either. At the same time, the whole area was badly damaged by the rapid water, and the mud flooded everything.

The car which was washed away by the tumultuous waters of the Pamisos River on Friday evening in Mouzaki, Karditsa due to bad weather “Ianos” was also found at midday on Saturday. According to information, the vehicle belongs to the 40-year-old woman, who has been missing since Friday evening. The car was located by a citizen, who immediately notified the police. So far, however, the 40-year-old driver of the car has not been identified.

At the same time, bad weather has claimed the lives of two people, an elderly woman found dead in the village of Vassili, Farsala and a 63-year-old farmer who has been missing since Friday in Magoulitsa, Karditsa. The 63-year-old man was found dead by firefighters and his son in the area behind Karditsa hospital. Thus, the number of dead from the bad weather amounts to two, while  investigations continue for the 40-year-old woman who was dragged by her car from the Pamisos River to Mouzaki.


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