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ICUs in Attica – Evangelismos “frocked”and resignations at the General Hospital of Nice


Attica’s healthcare system is under intense pressure due to the significant increase in the number of hospitalized and intubated patients. Authorities are in a road race to lift the growing weight of pandemic cases. Currently, 580 people with coronavirus are being treated in hospitals across the country, 77 of whom are intubated.On Tuesday morning, a meeting was held under the leadership of Minister of Health Vassilis Kikilias regarding the registration of beds in intensive care units and their further increase in hospitals in Attica.

The meeting was attended by Vice Minister of Health Vassilis Kontozamanis, Secretary General of Health Services Giannis Kotsiopoulos, President of EKAB Nikos Papaefstathiou, Professor of Pulmonology-Intensive Care and Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Ministry of health, Anastasia Kotanidou, the governor of the 1st health district, Panagiotis Stathis and the governor of the 2nd health district, Christos Roilos. The average age of intubated patients is 68 years, while in the ICU there are young people, up to 17 years without underlying diseases.

“The intensive care units which were not Covid-19 began to be evacuated to be also converted into Covid-19”, underlined the president of EINAP, addressing the SKAI, stressing that today intensive care units are evacuated to Attica, followed by Gennimata and other hospitals.

Evangélismos Hospital

“Right now, evangelismos  is at a standstill. It cannot take other patients, he is full and with cases of Covid-19, ”he says. “We were on duty the day before yesterday. Of the cases that entered because of  Covid-19, half were intubated. It means things are not going well,” Pagoni said. He even explained that the cases we are seeing today are a result of the situation two weeks ago, around September 5, when everyone came back from vacation and before the schools reopened.

Resignations at the General State Hospital of Nice

As we learned yesterday, moreover, their limits are the strengths of the General State of Nice as with hospital doctors to notify that it is now impossible to accept new confirmed cases of the new coronavirus.

The General Secretary of the Federation of Hospital Physicians of Greece (OENGE), Panagiotis Papanikolaou, announced that the General Assembly of Doctors of the Nice Hospital “declares that with these conditions of understaffing, infrastructure, etc. the hospital is no longer able to accept patients “.

According to Mr. Papanikolaou, the director of the medical service and the head of the Covid-19 wing have tendered their resignation.

Indeed, while informing the Ministry of Health of the evolution of the disease in the country, the Deputy Minister of Health, Vassilis Kontozamanis, announced that the resignation of the director of the medical service was not accepted.

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