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40 YEAR OLD PRISON STUDENT: He read behind bars and succeeded!!


The goal and in fact under conditions unprecedented and difficult in every way, was achieved. The 40-year-old prisoner of Alikarnassos prison, originally from Achaia, saw his efforts rewarded and with the beginning of the new academic year he will be a first-year student at the Department of Physical Education and Sports Science of Trikala. An over-effort that started in recent years and even behind the bars of a penitentiary. The 40-year-old inmate went to his first choice regarding the school he wanted and to his third choice regarding the city of study. He, like thousands of candidates, was anxiously awaiting the announcement of the bases. He knew that “he did well”, his only stress was in a lesson, in Ancient Greek, but the score he collected justified him and gives him hope to dream of a new beginning in his life.

Now it is the turn of the state to show its human face and give an opportunity to the newly admitted student. According to information, the next goal for the 40-year-old is to transfer either to Athens to the respective university department, or to Thessaloniki.In these two cities that give the right to “release” or better electronic surveillance (bracelet) in order to attend classes, workshops and sports of this school in which the presence of a student is a prerequisite for its completion and acquisition of the degree.Information from the prison states that the 40-year-old is willing to bear the financial costs required to be subject to this regime of electronic surveillance.

Happy himself and everyone in jail
It is no exaggeration that along with the successful candidate, his inmates and prison staff were also anxious and everyone was happy with sunday’s announcement of the bases by the Ministry of Education(31/08/2020). He allegedly said on 31/08/2020 that his efforts were not in vain and that when he started this effort he was not sure about the final result.However, his admission to the University is not his only success. Journalistic information states that it started from scratch. He enrolled in the general evening high school of Heraklion to do the three classes.

And he may not have sat at the desks, but he joined the program for the individually taught and at the end of each school year he was examined orally and in writing until the completion of high school and participation in the national exams.In the last grade of high school, according to information, the penitentiary stood by his side and wanted to help him fulfill his dream.The prison administration had asked for the help of teachers, who would help him voluntarily, but the coronavirus changed the plans and the support courses from volunteer teachers who had shown interest did not go ahead.Even the physical education teachers from the mass sports program of the municipality of Heraklion were forced to stop the help they offered him.But he did not give up. He requested and his request was accepted to be supplied at his own expense with books – aids for the examined courses of the national exams.With only these allies and the will he had found the time and the mood to “lay down” in reading.

The 40-year-old, according to the same sources, is also in charge of the prison library. “Where we lost him, where we found him, was either in the library or in the cell with a book in his hand,” a friend and confidant told us.The 40-year-old promised two things as soon as he learned the good news. That he “owes a treat to those who supported him”, but also that this new beginning in his life will improve him as a person and personality. Finally, the 33-year-old Moroccan, also incarcerated in the prison of Alikarnassos, who also participated in the national ones, unfortunately did not manage to be admitted to higher education.

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