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ADEDY: The general mobilization for the public service strike in central Athens ended with 10 arrests


The general mobilization for the public service strike and the student rally that took place in central Athens is over. From 10:00 a.m. ADEDY, the education federations (OLME, ILO) and other public sector unions met in Klafthmonos Square, as part of the 24-hour strike declared by the ADEDY General Council.

With the central slogan “No to anti-popular policies”, the demonstrators went to Parliament to demand, among other things: the protection of public health, increased spending for the national health system, massive permanent appointments in education, 15 students per department, recruitment of permanent cleaning staff and recruitment in the State.

At the same time, students, student associations, educational federations, parents, PAME and officials held a separate gathering in the Propylaea. With central slogans “Under the mask we have a voice, education and health for every student”, and “The mask is not the only protection, give money for education”, they went in Parliament to demand immediate and effective action on rights.

As the rally was over and the march was coordinated towards the pillars of Olympian Zeus, tensions erupted between a group of unknown individuals and MAT forces, who used tear gas and flash grenades.According to police, hooded men threw Molotov cocktails and various objects at the police, while breaking a tram stop.

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