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Against the Parliament for Moria


The deterioration of the situation in Mytilene has sparked “fires” in Parliament because of the declaration of the Deputy Minister of Citizen Protection Lefteris Oikonomou who said that the refugee / immigrant has elements of national crisis which require solidarity and consensus .“We have Europe beside us for the first time”, declared Mr. Oikonomou and underlined that the competent services are engaged in the search for the causes-solutions and the discovery of the priorities which will lead to justice.

The sharp criticism of SYRIZA with John Ragousi accuses the government of the policy of setting up the incendiary device while the deputy of the lower house, the deputy SW Charalambos Athanasiou who was elected in Lesvo replies that the responsibility lies with the previous government who was in favor of an open border policy.The tone was raised when Kyriakos Velopoulos reiterated his party’s firm stance on transporting asylum seekers to uninhabited islands “so that we do not have explosions like in Moria”.

“We are against uninhabited islands but also uninhabited minds,” commented Christos Giannoulis from SYRIZA.

“The government has a strategy and a plan,” Lefteris Oikonomou assured .

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