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Agrinio: 39-year-old man attacked and stabbed two women, causing them injuries


On Sunday morning, in the center of Agrinio town, a 39-year-old man attacked and stabbed two women for unknown reasons in a house on the Karaiskaki pedestrian street. In the apartment, apart from the two women, there was a third one who managed to escape.

Agrinio: A man stabbed two women in the city center

The two women ran in fright to the street to ask for help and the police and EKAB rushed to the scene. The two women aged 39 and 16 were transported by EKAB ambulance to Agrinio hospital.

The 39-year-old has injuries to her abdomen while the 16-year-old has a slight hand injury, according to the publication A few minutes after the police mobilized, the man was arrested.


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