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Akar’s new challenge: Greece to demilitarize Kastelorizo


New provocative statements about Kastelorizo ​​were made at noon on Sunday (09/13) by Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar, who is in Kas, across from the remote island.The Turkish minister spoke again on the issue of “militarized Greek islands” and called for the “demilitarization of Kastelorizo”.He stressed that France is motivating Greece to take provocative measures.Choulousli Akar was very unhappy with Greece-France defense cooperation, noting that:

“The arms race has started. In this way, France motivates Greece to take provocative actions. The tension does not help anyone, especially Greece. There is a challenging approach, especially under the leadership and guidance of Macron, who encourages  the equipment. “Greece harms peace, every time it exercises with other countries, which have nothing to do with our issues.”

He continued by pointing to the President of France, Emanuel Macron: “It is a fact that what France is doing has a commercial purpose. It wants to strengthen its economy by equipping Greece, but there is something more important than that. “There has never been a result of the work being done under Macron’s leadership and his policies went bankrupt.”

It is recalled that Hulusi Akar ‘s visit to Kas was not planned.According to the Turkish press, the Turkish minister is accompanied by the entire leadership of the army – a move that is interpreted by the Turkish press as a “message” in Greece.This is because the President of the Republic Katerina Sakellaropoulou is in Kastelorizo ​​today , in the context of the celebrations of the 77th anniversary of the liberation of the island.



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