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Alarm: PHEA announced 882 new cases and 15 deaths bringing the total of coronavirus to 549 deaths and 28,216 cases


The alarm has sounded and the PHEA has announced new record cases of coronavirus in Greece where the situation appears extremely serious as the number of cases and deaths skyrocket. More specifically, 882 new cases of coronavirus have been recorded in the country, of which 99 are associated with known epidemics and 52 have been detected following checks at the country’s entry gates. The total number of cases is 28,216, of which 55.5% are men.

3,728 (13.2%) are considered to be related to travel from abroad and 11,032 (39.1%) are related to a known case. At the same time, 90 of our fellow citizens are treated by intubation. Their median age is 66.  32 (35.6%) are women and the rest are men.  92.2% of intubated patients have an underlying disease or are 70 years of age or older. 265 patients were discharged from the ICU.

Finally, we have 15 other registered deaths and 549 deaths in total in the country. 205 (37.3%) are women and the rest are men. The median age of our deceased fellow citizens was 79 years old and 96.2% had an underlying disease and / or 70 years and over.

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