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An Earthquake with a magnitude of 4.3 shook all of Attica


A strong seismic tremor was felt on 18.07 on Thursday afternoon in many parts of Attica.According to the Geodynamic Institute, the strong earthquake was 4.3 Richter.The epicenter is located 17 kilometers north of Rafina.The vibration was particularly noticeable as it was superficial , with the focal depth being estimated at 4 km.The vibration, although short lived, was quite intense, no damage was reported in areas of eastern Attica where the epicenter is located.

Lekkas is reassuring
OASP President Efthymios Lekkas speaking to CNN Greece , was reassuring and stressed that there was no danger of a larger earthquake. As he said, smaller aftershocks may follow during the day. According to Mr. Lekkas, the earthquake came from the Marathon fault, which is known and has not caused major earthquakes in the past.Finally, he pointed out that this becomes particularly noticeable, as it occurs near a residential area and due to the shallow focal depth.

According to reports from the Geodynamic Institute, two small aftershocks followed, with a magnitude of 1.6 Richter. The first one took place at 6:20 p.m. at 13 km northwest of Rafina with a focal depth of 5.2 km and the second  at 3 km northwest of Rafina with a focal depth of 5 km.





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