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Athens: Arrests of two students following rally protest


Police have made two arrests for the small-scale incidents which took place shortly before the General Education rally in Athens ended. Both individuals were taken to the Attica Security Directorate and their involvement in illegal actions is being investigated, as the APE reported.

Earlier, tensions erupted when a group of people derailed and fired Molotov cocktails at a MAT team, with police using chemicals. En fait, selon certains rapports, les participants ont cassé la caméra d’ERT.The students had scheduled a gathering at 12:00 p.m in the Propylaea, demanding safe conditions in schools amid the coronavirus.

The Athens Student Coordination Committee, with its announcement, invites students this week to the general assemblies of all schools to discuss and collectively decide on the continuation of their struggle with various actions to hear their demands, strengthening the coordination with the new steering committees across the country.

The demands of the students

It is reminded that students ask:

  1. Solve the problem with the long use of a mask that makes the lesson difficult. Shorter teaching hours and adequate breaks.
  2. Reduction of the number of students per class (15 students per class).
  3. Teacher recruitment in order to fill all the gaps.
  4. Adequate cleaning staff.
  5. Under the responsibility of the Ministry of Education, Regions and Municipalities to find suitable spaces for schools with serious building problems.
  6. Safe, frequent and free transportation for students.
  7. Abolition of the Theme Bank.
  8. No thought about cameras in classrooms.
  9. To ensure the conditions for school trips or even other recreational-educational student activities.

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