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Mytilene: 700 asylum seekers are being removed from Kara Tepe


The Mytilene decongestion process, announced by the Ministry of Immigration and Asylum, begins today with the transfer of 700 recognized refugees or asylum seekers who have the removal of geographical restrictions.

The transfer from the Kara Tepe camp, where they live, will end at 5:00 p.m., when the ship “Island of Chios” will leave the port of Mytilene, where they embark, reports the APE-MPE.

Another 700 people are expected to leave Mytilene next Thursday, October 1.

The goal of the Department of Immigration and Asylum is to displace a total of 2,500 people from Mytilene by the end of next week.

Overall, migrants will live in structures operating under the HELIOS program, in cooperation with the Greek government and the International Organization for Migration.

@Mytilene: 700 asylum seekers are being removed from Kara Tepe

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