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EU asylum reform: UN calls for “urgent” implementation


The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees called on Monday for the “urgent” implementation of the European Union’s asylum reform. However, the agency regretted that the focus was on “returns”.

On Monday, September 28, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) called for the “urgent” implementation of the asylum reform of the European Union (EU).

“The next few months will be decisive. I hope (…) that a system can be put in place and we can always improve it later”, insisted the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grown up.

“There is an emergency. We have had boats in the Mediterranean for months, [migrants] pushed back, the dire situation in the Greek islands … The list goes on. We cannot wait: we must have a better system in place ” before Next summer and the seasonal upsurge in arrivals, ”he added.’

The European Commission presented its new “European Pact on Migration” on September 23. This text provides in particular that EU countries which do not wish to accept asylum seekers in the event of an influx will have to participate in the return to their country of origin.

Promote “relocation”
The pact also includes increased controls at the EU’s external borders  to quickly exclude migrants deemed unlikely to obtain international protection.

“There should be no outsourcing in theory or in practice. People should have the right to enter European territory to have their [asylum] claim duly considered (…) this cannot be done outside of Europe, “Filippo Grandi warned.

“The pact emphasizes the return” of migrants rejected from the right of asylum and “I hope that the States will do it in a humane way, these people also have rights”, he insisted.

The commissioner said he had discussed with the Commission the incidents of migrants turned back at sea.

Finally, “without solidarity, the countries  Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Italy and  Spain  will remain in the front line which would be deeply unfair. Relocation [of migrants] is the most effective way to lighten their burden,”  he finally remarked.

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