Athens and Thessaloniki : from March 2021,We will see electric taxis


The President of the Thessaloniki taxiway cooperative M. Stavridis expressed his conviction that very soon many taxis will start to circulate on Greek roads. “We will see electric taxis in Thessaloniki and Athens very soon. There is an ambitious plan on our part in Thessaloniki which will take shape.

We left TIF two years ago. It was then an idea to create the taxi of the future where in the stand we had an old crank taxi from 1938 and a modern taxi where visitors had the opportunity to know the evolution of the medium.Our effort / wish was listened to by the ministry and the leaders and we carried out a study which highlights the necessity and the multiple advantages of the transition to electric mobility. We have completed our study and we are now in the final phase, ”said Mr Stavridis.

By March 2021, around 14,000 to 15,000 taxis with 15 or 18 years of circulation (depending on their location) will be drawn and no longer circulate on the streets of Athens and Thessaloniki with a large portion of these vehicles expected to switch to rear-wheel drive electric. This makes us think that from the beginning of next year we will see many electric taxis driving all over Greece. In a short time, I hope to exceed 50% as a percentage of those drivers who will choose to buy an electric vehicle. It is important, among other things, to have cleaner and quieter cities.

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