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Attica-Trafficking: A large quantity of narcotics found in Athens apartment


A large quantity of narcotics intended for further trafficking in central Athens and parts of West Attica were located and confiscated by police officers from the drug prosecution section of the security section of the ‘Attica

More than (102) kilograms of heroin were found in an apartment near Larissa Station in Athens which had been on short-term rental since September 24. The seizure of the narcotics took place as part of a prosecution investigation during which, after proper assessment and use of data, the apartment was located and placed under surveillance.

During a subsequent search Sunday 11 October, packages of heroin with a total gross weight of (102) kilograms and (685) grams were found inside the apartment (208) heroin, in (4) bags. The police investigation continues to locate and arrest those involved in the case.



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