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coronavirus: The next 10 days are crucial for Attica


“The next 10 days are crucial for Attica, in terms of the evolution of the coronavirus, because the number of cases must be reduced, otherwise things will turn badly”: it is underlined by the president of the Athens-Piraeus Hospital Doctors Association.

He points out that Attica, and in particular central Athens, is in the “red” and that if we don’t all discipline ourselves, “harsher measures” will come.

Matina Pagoni is undoubtedly one of the “faces of the day” as she decided to say it out loud and with a small group of infectious disease teachers to talk about a new lockdown – even though even the Prime Minister himself “exorcises” this scenario.

He notes that there is an urgent need to take immediate measures for transport – such as increasing the number of buses. He estimated that among the measures that could be considered is the ban on traffic after 8:00 p.m., especially at young ages and of course our main request, as you know, is to increase the number of ICU beds. Universal and fair demand.

What are the elements that will determine the course of the situation for the next day?

The development of the situation will be judged by three parameters: by the reduction in cases, by the reduction in hospitalized patients (currently around 500 throughout Greece) and by the increase in the number of intubated patients in intensive care units.

If, therefore, we do not see positive indicators in the above, we should take more stringent measures for Attica, alas, but also for the rest of the country as a precaution. Because our goal is to enter October with fewer cases.

In general, I would tell you that Attica wants attention for the next 10 days, in order to start a gradual reduction in cases.

@coronavirus: The next 10 days are crucial for Attica

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