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Masks in schools: Protest rallies in Athens, Thessaloniki and Heraklion.


Parents are responding to compulsory use of masks by students in schools, demanding that the measure not apply. Demonstrations were held in Athens, Thessaloniki and Heraklion, Crete. The demonstrators (protesters) took to the streets without wearing a mask and did not respect the safety distances.

Their main motto is “Hands off our children”.

A rally was held in Syntagma, in front of the Parliament, by dozens of parents and supporters who are against the use of masks in schools and against the imposition of protection and welfare measures. It all started with an online appeal against government action for the use of the mask. The “opponents” of the mask with their slogan: “NO MANDATORY TESTS” and “NO MANDATORY MASKS IN SCHOOLS” have sent their own message while the daily cases remain in three digits.

Parents also organized a rally in Thessaloniki against the use of the mask in schools, near the statue of Alexander the Great. More than 600 protesters gathered at the scene. The rally call was made via the Internet. Tables were set up at the gathering place and signatures were collected. The signatories demand that the use of a mask should not be mandatory in the school environment.

In Eleftherias Square, where the meeting was held, hundreds of citizens protested against masks in schools, but also against the compulsory use of masks on children.”Hands off our children, we have reached our limits”, they said through slogans. It is recalled that in Chania, last Monday, a hundred people, calling themselves “Free Citizens of Chania”, with their vehicles formed a motorized route that crossed the city center.

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