Bad weather: Attica homes and shops have been flooded


The problems were caused by bad weather that has hit Attica since the early hours of the morning, with firefighters receiving more than 125 calls for flooded homes and tree cuts. Roads in many parts of Athens have been turned into rivers by torrential rains while road traffic is particularly increased.

According to the fire, the areas with the biggest problem were Heraklion, Nea Ionia, Egaleo, la Colombe and Muscat and which require water pumping are on the increase as are stores already open and many homeowners are finding them flooded.

A tree fell on the ISAP lines on Tuesday morning due to bad weather which has “hit” Attica in recent hours. In particular, the incident occurred on the lines between the stations of Heraklion and Irini. Currently, the routes are operated from Kifissia to Irini and from Nea Ionia to Piraeus. Traffic has not yet been restored. Firefighters rushed to the scene to remove the trunk.

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