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Bad weather “Ianos”: Rain and storms at the gates – When it will “hit” Attica


Bad weather “Ianos” will “sweep” the country from tomorrow, Thursday with heavy rains and thunderstorms.In addition to heavy rains, the “Janus” will be accompanied by very strong winds, and will affect Attica.More analytically, according to EMY, intense phenomena are predicted:

Thursday (17-09-2020) from the afternoon, in the south of the Ionian and the Peloponnese mainly in its western parts.

Friday (18-09-2020) in the south of the Ionian Sea, the Peloponnese, Sterea (including Attica) and Evia. From the afternoon in the west, the effects will subside, while at night the Western Cyclades will be affected. In the Peloponnese and eastern Sterea, the effects will be very strong.

On Saturday (19-09-2020), the intense phenomena will affect the east of the Peloponnese and the east of Sterea, the Cyclades and possibly Crete. From noon, the east of the mainland and the east of the Peloponnese will gradually weaken.The National Observatory of Athens / called this bad autumn weather “Ianos”, emphasizing:

• Due to the uncertainty, the transition seasons are predictive, and due to this position of atmospheric disturbance (located above the sea), the way forward is not yet clear. The map below presents the 4 most common scenarios concerning the trajectory that the center of the barometric depression will follow until 3:00 a.m. in the early hours of Saturday 19/09.

It is not yet known whether Janus will acquire tropical characteristics and qualify for the Mediterranean Cyclone (barometric troughs internationally known as the medians of the union of the words Mediterranean and hurricane), but it cannot be ruled out.

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