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Tragic end: the body found in Mouzaki belongs to a 43-year-old man


A 43-year-old pharmacist missing since the evening of last Friday when bad weather “Janus” hits the region of Thessaly is part of the body found this afternoon at the Magoulitsa bridge in the commune of Mouzaki Karditsa.

The corpse was found by an EMAK dog in the mud on the banks of the Pamisos River. It was previously reported that an object characteristic of a human limb was found protruding from the mud in an area of ​​the settlement of Magoulitsa and more specifically near the area bridge in the municipality of Mouzaki.

At that time, rescue forces rushed to assess the published information that led to the identification of the female corpse. Specifically, it was located at a distance of approximately 10 kilometers from where the 43-year-old pharmacist disappeared. His car was found on Saturday morning in the former slaughterhouses of Mouzaki.

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