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Extraordinary bulletin of hazardous meteorological phenomena


Extraordinary bulletin of hazardous Meteorological phenomena, published by the National Meteorological Service. The phenomena will appear from Monday afternoon and the main feature will be heavy rains and thunderstorms which will be accompanied by hail and stormy southerly winds which, on Tuesday, will reach the northern Aegean Sea until 9 Beaufort.

In more detail, the following will be affected:

1. From Monday afternoon (12-10-2020) to Tuesday morning (13-10-2020), Ionian Sea, Epirus, west
Macedonia, Western Sterea and Western Peloponnese.

2. From Monday evening, the rest of the Peloponnese and Macedonia, Thrace, Thessaly and the Sporades, weakened by Tuesday before noon and western hours.

3. From Monday evening to Tuesday morning, temporarily east of Sterea and Evia.

4. From morning to afternoon on Tuesday, the East Aegean Islands.

According to the latest information from on the night of Tuesday 13/10, the front will move further east affecting the mainland parts of the country and during Tuesday it will continue its course east of the Aegean Sea , the strongest phenomenon being localized in the center and East Macedonia, Thrace, and the islands of the north and east of the Aegean Sea. At the same time, the rains and storms in Western Greece will persist.

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