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Complete destruction in Moria – Another fire broke out


Another fire broke out Thursday afternoon in Moria, signaling a new alarm to the authorities. The blaze burns where few scenes remain, after the devastating fires on Tuesday and Wednesday. This is the fifth fire to have occurred  in the refugee reception center, while it was preceded by one on this  Thursday morning.

Dense smoke covered the sky, making the atmosphere suffocating. According to sources from the Immigration and Asylum Department, the destruction of the camp inside and outside the KYT in the olive grove surrounding it is now complete. The situation in Moria remains tense, at a time when residents with the support of municipal authorities and agents are outside the entrance to the structure to prevent its reconstruction.

Petsas: Those who set fire must forget what they have in their minds.
At the press conference given today by government spokesman Stelios Petsas, he sent a strong message to the refugees and immigrants who set fire to the reception and identification center in Moria in the hope that ‘they will leave the country in this way. “Some do not respect the country that hosts them. And they find it difficult to prove that they are not looking for a “passport” to a better life. We have told them many times but they don’t understand.

“They will not leave because of the fire, except for unaccompanied minors who have already been transferred,” the government spokesman said, adding that “those  who set the fires must be cleared in their head this idea “. They make thousands of refugees and immigrants homeless, starting with families with children. And they did it because they believed that if they set Moria on fire, they would leave the island indiscriminately.





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