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Coronavirus: Attica appears to be stabilizing in terms of number of cases


Attica appears to be stabilizing in terms of the number of coronavirus cases. Of the 408 new cases of coronavirus yesterday, Attica collected 170. At the same time, however, the situation in three regions of Greece is worrying: Kozani, Ioannina and Pella.

In the above areas it has signaled an alarm. In particular, as mentioned by Nikos Hardalias: “Since Friday in Kozani, we have 49 new cases of coronavirus in 3 days. Of these 100 to 101 people have close contact and are under house isolation. In the region, 8 people are being treated ”.

The equally important question is Ioannina, whom we have from Friday evening to yesterday 66 new cases. Of these, 147 close contacts emerged. In total, 24 people are treated. There’s also Pella, who currently has 212 active cases. “

The Undersecretary called on the inhabitants of these areas to apply the measures severely because the situation is critical.

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