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Coronavirus: New drastic measures on the table after the dramatic deterioration


The next 10 days for the evolution of the coronavirus are considered as critical by experts, after the dramatic increase in cases which recurs in recent days. The next ten days are considered a milestone to show the effectiveness of the measures implemented on September 16 which  include the universal use of the mask indoors and outdoors where congestion is observed. Epidemiologists stress in all respects that the pandemic situation in our country remains constantly critical and is not subject to complacency.

What the numbers show: On Thursday, 359 new cases of coronavirus were recorded, including 212 in Attica. At the same time, nine people died and 69 patients were treated with intubation. The possibility of an Attica lockdown has definitely fallen on the table, along with other drastic measures including the resumption of moving messages.

The professor of infectious diseases, a member of the relevant government committee, said the situation regarding the coronavirus is extremely critical, adding that we are “one step ahead of the lockdown”. The infectious disease specialist stressed that “we have a wide spread of the virus” and added that “Attica is closer to taking further action”, which can lead to the ban.

“Traffic restrictions can be taken in Attica,” he said, adding that “the situation is not good. The schools are the last we will reach.I would prefer them to function normally.”He did not appeal to the elderly and especially the grandfathers and grandmothers “”not embrace children” stressing once again that “it is on the table offside lockdown”.

However, this scenario is not very attractive for the government, which believes that the consequences of a new lockdown will be unbearable for the economy.In his statements yesterday, Adonis Georgiadis noted that the scenario of a second lockdown would be disastrous for the country, stressing that such a thing would be the last choice.The Minister of Health, Vassilis Kikilias, also referred to the “explosion” of cases of coronavirus in Attica, but also of new emergency measures which are on the table for the region.

“I am concerned about Attica and its image and I am preparing the NSS so that it can face the challenges ahead,” the minister told Mega.

The Minister of Health stressed the need to respect basic measures to prevent the spread of the virus, such as distances and the mask, while being questioned about the possibility of widespread use of the mask stressed that “the more we apply existing measures, less need for more measures. ”

He noted, however, that Attica will undergo coronavirus testing and has not ruled out the possibility of new, stricter measures.

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