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coronavirus: the tragic toll of three other elderly people


The tragic death toll from the coronavirus in our country is rising as three more elderly people died in the early hours of Saturday. Specifically, a 90-year-old man with underlying illnesses died in Sotiria hospital, while an 82-year-old lost the battle while being treated in the intensive care unit of Evangelismos since September 16. The other 82-year-old died of septic shock and multi-organ failure as he had other underlying illnesses.

Koronovios - EODY: Negative all 461 tests performed in Samos

EODY: The 461 coronavirus tests carried out in Samos all negative

A total of 461 tests for the coronavirus, of which no positive results were found, were carried out by the National Public Health Organization in Samos, as of Thursday, October 8. Specifically, they carried out a test for Covid -19 at the Vathios Samos nursing home (for all inmates and staff), in Ireos, Pythagorion, as well as testing at focal points for the public. In addition, EODY, in collaboration with the Hellenic Red Cross (ECC), distributes printed information material and protective masks.

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