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Coronavirus: 310 new cases and three deaths in the last twenty-four hours


Strict measures in Attica in the context of the particularly heavy epidemiological load presented by the specific prefecture, on the basis of data published by the National Public Health Organization (EODY), announced Tuesday the Deputy Minister of Civil Protection , Nikos Hardalias.

Based on this data, from September 16 to September 30, 2020

-All outdoor concerts have a 50% occupancy limit
-In stores of interest to health with live music and closed concert halls, their operation is suspended
-In theaters and cinemas, a fullness limit of 60% is set with the mandatory use of a mask
-It becomes mandatory to use a mask in closed workplaces and at bus stops
-The use of a mask in popular markets for producers and consumers remains mandatory
-Mandatory ceiling for six people (seated) in restaurants

For local lockdowns at the municipal level: “There are no such protocols in practice and no vertical restrictions can be imposed. The treatment of the particularities of each municipality is carried out within the framework of a bilateral civil protection cooperation with the respective mayors ”, declared Nikos Hardalias.

EODY: 310 new cases, three deaths in the last twenty-four hours
Elsewhere, EODY announced Tuesday 310 new cases of the new virus in the country, 30 of which are linked to known epidemics and 12 were detected following checks at the gates of the country. The total number of cases is 13,730, of which 55.4% are men.

Finally, we have 3 other registered deaths and 313 deaths in total in the country. 116 (37%) women and the rest of men. The median age of our deceased fellow citizens was 78 years old and 96.2% had an underlying disease and / or 70 years and over.


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