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Coronavirus: which schools will be closed tomorrow


In suspension mode, until October 20, 138 school units and sections throughout Greece due to coronavirus epidemics. Kindergartens, primary and secondary schools will remain closed for the next few days, in various parts of Greece, as cases of coronavirus have been recorded.

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The increase in the rate of cases in the municipalities of the area forced the health authorities to close schools in order to limit the spread of the virus. It should be noted that out of more than 100 school units that will remain closed, around 10% concern entire schools and the rest in individual department. See the relevant list from the Ministry of Education (The list is constantly updated).
It is recalled that according to the protocol, the suspension of lessons for 14 days is provided for in the event of a confirmed case of a student or a teacher belonging to the department. The suspension of the functioning of the school unit as a whole requires at least 3 independent cases, while in the case of a teacher who teaches in more than one department, a risk assessment is carried out on the basis of close cases of contact search.


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