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COVID-19 CASES on 1/09/2020


New laboratory-confirmed cases of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in the country stand at  207 new cases and 5 deaths. The total number of cases amounts to 10,524 and the victims to 271. 38 of our fellow citizens remain intubated, while 153 patients have been discharged from the ICU. A total of 966,346 clinical specimens have been tested according to today’s information on the progress of the pandemic in Greece.

In more detail:

Attica                                              :3968
Central Macedonia                          :2066
No permanent residence in Greece :848

Eastern Macedonia & Thrace          :780
Thessaly                                          :501
Southern Aegean Sea                     :366
West Macedonia                              :352
Peloponnese                                    :301
Crete                                                :285
Ionian Islands                                  :213
Central Greece                               :187
North Aegean                                 :182
West Greece                                  :165
‘Continent                                      :96
Mount Athos                                  :4
Under investigation                       :1


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