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Crete:Seismic vibrations of 5.2 degrees in the last few hours


Seismic vibrations of 5.2 degrees on the Richter scale open up in Crete again disturbing the islanders in the last few hours. According to the Geodynamic Institute’s automatic solution, the earthquake occurred 43 km northeast of Sitia while the focal depth is estimated at 10 km. It is recalled that at 3:30 am there was a vibration of approximately 5.1 Richter in the same area 49 km northeast of Sitia.

And this earthquake was felt in many parts of Crete. Over the next hour, several small seismic vibrations followed. The first was of magnitude 3.2 Richter (at 3:41), the second was of 4.4 Richter (3:44 with a focal depth of 27 km) and the third was of magnitude 3.1 Richter at 3:56 .

OASP President Efthymios Lekkas spoke to CNN Greece about the seismic tremors that occur from the early morning in the sea area of Crete . Mr. Lekkas looked particularly reassuring. He said earthquakes of this magnitude are common in the region but seismologists are monitoring the phenomenon closely.

“The phenomenon is not of concern and of course we are monitoring it.”

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