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Coronavirus: Department of thoracic surgery of the “Sotiria” hospital is closed


Until recently, a thoracic surgery department of the “Sotiria” hospital is closed according to a decision of the administration after the appearance of cases of the coronavirus among medical and nursing staff. It is reported that a thoracic surgeon, two anesthesiologists and four nurses have tested positive for the coronavirus. At the same time, 40 more people were added to the tracking list to determine if they were infected.

At the same time, the number of coronavirus patients in the intensive care unit in Attica is increasing despite the increasing number of deaths recorded in our country. According to POEDIN, in Attica there are now 99 intensive care beds for coronavirus cases and they are treating 71 cases. The empty beds are 28 (percentage 28%).

In the intensive care unit beds for coronavirus cases that were functioning, 11 additional beds were added at Gennimata hospital by moving its use from the general intensive care unit to an intensive care unit for the coronavirus. The six-bed ICU at Elpis hospital has been emptied of general incidents but cannot yet be used due to lack of equipment.


Papamakaristos MAF is not used due to lack of personnel and equipment. When a patient with coronavirus is intubated at Papakaristos, he is transferred to the ICU of another hospital. It should be noted that according to yesterday’s data from EODY, 79 of our fellow citizens and patients with Covid-19 disease are being treated by intubation in hospitals across the country.

The beds in Attica also serve the islands where the incidents are broadcast. “The operation of new intensive care units in Attica for cases of coronavirus is urgent because despite the deaths, the number of patients is increasing”, warns POEDIN. More specifically, the Federation cites the following data:

ICU patients per hospital

Thriasio Hospital: Eight patients are treated and there are no empty beds

Attiko hospital: eight patients are treated and there are nine empty beds

Asclepieion: five patients are treated and there are seven empty beds

Evangelismos: 22 patients are treated and there are two empty beds

“Sotiria” Hospital: 28 patients are treated and there are no empty beds. They added a bed to accommodate the 28th patient.

Gennimatas: It does not treat patients, whereas today it is in operation. It has 11 empty beds.

Elpis Hospital: Its six beds are not yet in service.


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