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Mytilene: Digital meeting with organizations from Mytilene on immigration


Representatives of the local government of New Democracy, different autonomous factions and representatives of the Mytilene market participated in a digital meeting with the guest Minister of Immigration and Asylum Notis Mitarakis.

At the digital meeting, hosted by ND Political Committee Secretary George Stergiou and titled ‘New Immigration Policy: We Change the Page Regularly’, all views were expressed on issues of concern to the local community, aspects of the policy and proposals have been made to optimize it.


Among other things, according to the information, it was pointed out that after five years of regression at the institutional level and a lack of political will to manage immigration, the country now has a political compass, a plan and laws for its efficient management.

This is reflected in the figures, as shown by comparing the arrivals of the last quarter of 2020 with the corresponding period of 2019, where a drop of 89% is recorded while those living on the islands have decreased since the beginning of 2020 by approximately 38% mainly due to the acceleration of asylum procedures.

An in-depth discussion also took place on the new temporary reception center which was created shortly after the tragic events of Moria, under much better conditions than before, demonstrating the need to create a closed and controlled structure that will  instill the feeling of security both for residents and local communities.


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