Chrysi Avgi – Kalamata: Dimitris Koukoutsis resigned as municipal councilor


Dimitris Koukoutsis belonging to the Golden Dawn organization, municipal councilor and chairman of the Water Supply Association who was previously served as a member of parliament for Messinia in the Golden Dawn, resigned from his duties . According to ERT, Dimitris Koukoutsis submitted his resignation by letter to the mayor of Kalamata, as his name is one of the many convicted following Wednesday’s historic court decision.

In his letter, he asks that his resignation be accepted both by the presidency of the Inter-municipal Water Association of Kalamata-Messina and West Mani and by any other appointed committee.

Dimitris Koukoutsis was a candidate for mayor of Kalamata in the last local elections, while in addition to being president of the Water Association, he was also appointed a full member of the board of DEYAK, alternate member of the board of directors of the Municipal Philharmonic Orchestra and alternate member of the board of directors of the secondary education committee of the municipality of Kalamata, of which, following known judicial developments, he requests his replacement.

The issue is expected to be discussed (as off the agenda) with a suggestion from the mayor next Monday evening at Kalamata City Council to be held by teleconference. Mr. Koukoutsis was also accused of leading a criminal organization, for which he was acquitted. In 2019 he was finally convicted of insult and defamation against Athens city councilor and KEERFA coordinator Petros Konstantinos.


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