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Double murder in Chania: Investigations are ongoing outside Crete


Investigations are ongoing outside Crete for the main suspect in the double murder in Chania . He is a 22-year-old Bangladeshi man who lived for some time in Chania, in a house he rented and owned by the unfortunate 79-year-old. According to, the man did not pay rent regularly and it was for this reason that the woman’s partner, 82, visited him on Friday.

In the most likely scenario, the 22-year-old killed the old man, put his body in a suitcase, and then took the keys to the house next door, where the 79-year-old was located. He probably knew there was money hidden there and after killing the woman who was left at the house, he took the money and left.

Local media say police are looking for the 22-year-old in Thessaloniki. Other reports refer to investigations in Lamia. According to information gathered by the police, the young man of 22 years would have snatched 10,000 euros, savings that the couple had in their house.

82 year old daughter: I was looking for him and I did not find him
The double crime emerged when the victim’s 82-year-old daughter, unable to locate her father, became concerned and turned herself over to the police. “I was looking for him and I couldn’t find him, I was worried and I went to the police.” I was told that he had been found dead, I know nothing else in a house, ”says the 82-year-old girl.

When the horrific murder of the 79-year-old man came to light, a silver alert was issued for her partner. The man’s lifeless body was found strangled and tied to a pole on Monday, in a suitcase from the house where the Bangladeshi lived.


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