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EU: 27 EU Member States agree on a common approach


Delegated representatives from 27 member states of EU agreed on a common approach to travel restrictions and testing to help citizens and workers better understand how they can transit across the continent, said after a meeting held today in Luxembourg. Member States of EU have agreed not to restrict the free movement of people traveling to or from Green Zones, but this will not prevent Member States from setting and enforcing their own arrival restrictions for people coming from the Green Zones, orange or red areas.

The criteria used to define the colored zones (green, orange and red) are the number of newly notified cases per 100,000 in the past 14 days as well as the testing rate and the test positivity rate in the past week. A region will be classified as green if the 14 day notification rate is lower than 25 and the test positivity rate below 4%. Under the criteria adopted Tuesday, most EU regions would be either red or orange.

“Clément Beaune, the French Minister for Europe underlines that this agreement aims to avoid border closures and promotes the least penalizing health control measures, such as tests”. “Last but not least, essential movements, in particular those of cross-border workers, will be secured.” The EU council said member states should not deny access to people coming from other EU countries but urges them to act proportionately “if they decide to apply restrictions but intended to “respect the differences in the epidemiological situation between the orange and red zones.


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