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EU-Turkey: Turkey is attached to diplomacy but with conditions


 Erdogan’s aide Fahrettin Altun said on Twitter that Turkey is committed to diplomacy but “there can be no negotiations if you say ‘what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is negotiable. ”EU leaders exposed themselves because they failed to find a solution to the gas dispute, instead proposing a ‘carrot and stick’ approach offering multiple benefits but also threatening sanctions that appear to have failed according to diplomats and an EU official.

But Europe is keen to keep Ankara close to the West despite its authoritarian president, Tayyip Erdogan, who intends to forge an independent path as a regional power. NATO ally and candidate for EU membership, Turkey has challenged European foreign policy in Syria, Libya and Russia in recent months. Despite an EU summit deal in the early hours of October 2 to persuade Ankara to stop exploring for natural gas in waters disputed by Greece and Cyprus, Turkey said on Wednesday it was resuming operations of a ” surveillance vessel ”.

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