Traffic police excursion to prevent impromptu races in Attica


Targeted actions to treat and prevent improvised races were carried out by the Attica traffic directorate on Saturday evening and in the early hours of Sunday. The inspections were carried out in different parts of the Attica basin (Nea Thivon & Radiofonias, L. Kymis [Tatoiou exit], L. Schistou & L. Gr. [Limanakia], Anastaseos [Cholargos]).


In particular, during the above-mentioned action, 783 vehicles were inspected and 312 infringements were confirmed, as follows:

(56) for excessive speed
(53) for excessive noise – lack of muffler
(33) do not use a helmet
(23) for irregular glass (tinted)
(19) without driving license
(17) for traffic without license plates
(11) KTEO violations
(7) do not use the seat belt
(7) For violation of license plates
(6) for deprivation of vehicle mirrors
(5) for the demonstration of skills
(4) to perform dangerous maneuvers
(4) for violation of a double dividing line
(1) for red light violation
(66) for other traffic violations
57 driving licenses, 78 road traffic licenses and 69 pairs of license plates were removed.

26 other vehicles were immobilized and transported by cranes. Inspections will continue in other areas of Attica as part of the operational planning of the General Directorate of Police of Attica.


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