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Fire in Moria: 10 shocking “clicks” after the disaster


Daylight revealed the magnitude of the destruction of the camp in Moria. Its entirety, except for KYT, has been completely destroyed, while a large part of the KYT camp that continues to burn has also been destroyed.

Information states that the administration and identification infrastructures were not burned, but the Asylum Service and its equipment were completely burnt.

Also, there were damages in the area of ​​the Intensive Care Unit and in the air conditioning of the health unit that was made with a donation from the Dutch Government.

A large part of the population of Moria has fled to the surrounding districts, while another part has moved to the city of Mytilene where at the height of Kara Tepe, just before the PPC factory, a strong police force has been lined up and  does not allow people to enter the city.

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