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France: 9 arrests and the identity of the perpetrator of the murder has been confirmed


In  France ,among the five young people arrested, there are two parents of a student ,a man and his wife  from the Conflan St. Honorin school where the teacher was teaching. Five other people have been detained overnight in France following the murder of a history teacher near a school in the western suburbs of Paris, bringing the total number of detainees in the case to nine, a court source said today. These people argued with the teacher about the sketches of Muhammad that he had shown in class.

The other three of the five arrested were not members of the author. Four people, including a minor belonging to the author’s family, had been arrested earlier in Evre, in north-western France. The identity of the perpetrator of the murder, on whom an identity document was found, has been confirmed by investigators, according to the same judicial source. He is an 18-year-old Russian of Chechen origin, born in Moscow.He had a history of common rights crimes but had a clear track record and no radicalization was his responsibility.



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