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France : Emmanuel Macron announced that from tomorrow Friday a new general confinement will come into force


French President Emmanuel Macron announced that from tomorrow Friday a new general confinement in France will come into force. In the midst of an unprecedented pandemic outbreak, Macron announced measures that are very reminiscent of containment which may be similar to last spring and which lasted for eight weeks. From the early hours of Friday, bars and restaurants will be closed and a general traffic ban will come into force, with the exception of absolutely necessary transport for work, emergencies and the supply of basic goods.

Once again, leaving citizens’ homes will only be allowed with special authorization, while movement between different areas will be prohibited. However, most schools will remain open, but universities will revert to distance education and telecommuting will be extended to the maximum. However, visits to nursing homes will be permitted, as will funerals, the president said. At the same time, among other things, utilities and factories will continue to operate.

The new measures will remain in force at least until December 1, while the situation will be reviewed every two weeks with regard to store operations. The lockdown will only be lifted when daily cases drop below 5,000, Macron said. Yesterday, France recorded around 33,400 new cases of Covid-19 disease and 523 patients died, 288 patients are hospitalized in one of the hospitals and 235 in nursing homes across the country. Since the start of the pandemic, France has counted 35,544 dead.


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