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Nice: Six people arrested for telephone fraud


Those arrested have been brought to the prosecutor of the Piraeus Court of First Instance, while the investigation into their involvement in other criminal acts continues. Five residents and one foreigner were arrested for telephone fraud. In the file of the security service Nikaia-Ag. J. Renti also includes other defendants for the same offenses,  including a national detained in a detention center, who was the leading member of the gang.

As emerges from the investigation into the case conducted by the security service of Nikaia-Ag. I. Renti, in collaboration with the security sub-directorate of Piraeus, the leading member who is confined to a detention center contacted an elderly person by telephone on 22-9-2020 and on the pretext that he would receive pensions retroactively persuaded her to deposit the amount of 8,800 euros into the national bank account of a gang member.

The members arrested above first went to a bank branch in Athens to make the local withdrawal of part of the amount using a bank card, then went to a branch in Nice so that the local can withdraw the remaining amount from the fund. However, the victim had managed to denounce the transaction she made,as she realized the fraud against her. Shortly afterwards, police rushed to the branch and arrested the native, along with the other members waiting nearby.

Separately, another case of domestic fraud was investigated by telephone, with the above lead member as a speaker, where under the pretext that she was going to receive a grant from the NSRF, she persuaded her to deposit the amount of 2,850 euros and the amount of 1,000 euros by postal check. The investigation revealed that a complaint had been filed against the already detained gang leader and other members by the Rhodes Security Directorate for similar offenses. Specifically, 70 cases of fraud were investigated.

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