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Frontex conducts an internal investigation into reports of refoulement of migrants at the Greek-Turkish border


As reported today, Frontex, the border agency of the European Union is conducting an internal investigation into reports of refoulements of migrants at the Greek border with Turkey. “I have informed European Commissioner Ylva Johansson that we are examining accusations from several media regarding our activities at Greece’s external borders.

Frontex Executive Director Fabrice Leggeri, in his announcement on the Frontex website, said today that Frontex aims to uphold the highest border guard standards in all our operations and not tolerate any violation of rights fundamental in any of our activities, whether from Greece or any other country.

The investigation follows a request by the European Commission to investigate allegations that border guards have prevented asylum seekers from reaching Greek shores. “So far, no documents or other material have been found to substantiate charges of violation of the law or Frontex’s code of conduct by deployed officers,” Frontex said in its announcement.

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