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Golden Dawn:The deputy head of the criminal organization Golden Dawn is still wanted by the police


The deputy head of the criminal organization Golden Dawn is still wanted by the police authorities to arrest him after the verdict against him, which, as decided in the historic trial which ended Thursday before the court of appeal , has no suspensive character.

The last time the authorities received “information” from Christos Pappas was on October 1, when he went to the police station in his neighborhood to offer the “current address” under conditions of restrictions imposed on him following his release after 18 months in detention. This was long before the final phase of the trial began on October 7.

“I haven’t communicated since yesterday,” defense attorney for convicted Golden Dawn chief Christos Pappas said Friday morning.

Chrysi Avgi’s “n ° 2” is missing because he was not found during searches carried out by the police in his declared residences in Athens and Ioannina and he did not even come forward voluntarily. In fact, according to reports, the 58-year-old goldsmith was wanted in six places of residence without positive results and the police even reached Mount Athos.

Apart from Giannis Lagos, who is in Brussels, where he will appeal to the European Court, Pappas is the only convict not to have appeared. As his lawyer, Periklis Stavrianakis, said, he spoke to him for the last time yesterday and conveys “what he told him”. “My communication with him is dangerous because he can be located where he is,” noted the lawyer.

Regarding his client’s intentions, he said that “at the moment his intention is not to appear” and the reasoning for the intention is:

“Is it fair to serve the entire sentence without a final conviction? without the decision of the Court of Appeal?” If after five years in prison someone tells me that you are innocent, what happens? ” We recall that in 2013 Pappas was the last to go to GADA, which he should do now.



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