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Greece in Mytilene: Images of shame and protests for another day


The atmosphere in Mytilene remains ‘electrified’ after the fires at the Moria Reception and Identification Center (IDC), with refugees and immigrants spending another night in the streets and fields and today staging another protest, demanding to be allowed to leave the island.

The government’s decision to build a new refugee center in Kara Tepe has triggered backlash from refugees and migrants. On Saturday morning, around 300 refugees and immigrants started demonstrating against the new center, whose construction has already started. The scenes take place behind the scenes of Kare Tepe, in an area owned by the Greek state.

On Friday, there was intense mobility on the island, both in the Kara Tepe region and in the town of Mytilene. Police has disembarked at the port to participate in security measures and gradually lead refugees and migrants who have become homeless to the Kara Tepe region.


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