Greece:The health care system under pressure


“The health care system is under pressure but not at a marginal point,” Deputy Health Minister Basil Kontozamanis. The Undersecretary went on to say that “at the moment we are reorganizing and adjusting our forces for the second wave. From the start of the pandemic, we had prepared for the worst-case scenario. Today we have 122 intensive care beds in Attica, two weeks ago there were 107. Currently there are 40 empty beds “.

He clarified that “no surgery has been canceled, particularly serious. The health system is functioning normally. All surgeries are functioning regularly and in an extraordinary manner and all services are provided normally”.

He went on to say:

“The program of new single beds in ICU is underway in order to reach the European average and gradually in the coming months and in addition to the existing ICUs, new units will enter the fight against the coronavirus. Please note that the Greek Parliament has made 50 intensive care beds available to us as a donation”.

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Attica remains in the “red”, as for another day, more than half of the coronavirus cases nationwide are in the Attica. More specifically, EODY announced: 399 new cases of the new virus in the country, of which 55 are associated with known epidemics and 33 were detected following checks at the entry doors of the country. Of this total, 213 cases are located in Attica.

At the same time, 87 people are being treated with intubation, while 98 have been admitted to intensive care. Today, 3 new deaths have been recorded bringing the total number of coronavirus victims to 420.


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